Hair Coming back and feeling alright

Alexi was determined to get her hair back, for the longest time she would looks in the mirror every morning and says 'nope, no ponytails yet'. Well the other day she said her baby hair was long enough.. and sure enough a little tiny pony tail was formed..I think that is when they are really called pig-tails, it was more rubber band then hair. But it was in and she stared in the mirror at it for a good 5 minutes!
Her hair is coming back and cute as can be!

Chemo treatments are finally down to a every 4 weeks schedule.. Which is nice for us.. but lexi sure misses seeing all the great nurses so much. Any time we say we are going into town she asks if she get's go to the hospital. It's been nice to save the gas and get our lives somewhat back to normal!

For Halloween Alexia is going to be 'Wendy' from Peter Pan (played by her brother Dennis) Along with her best friend 'D' as Captain Hook and his sister as Tinkerbell!


Where the Story begins.

Alexi lee was diagnosed with A.L.L leukemia (Acute lymphoma leukemia) three weeks after her 2nd Birthday.
It came on fast. She was seen by her doctor 2 weeks prior for her 2-Year check up and everything seemed fine.
Within a few days she was complaining that she didn't feel good.
Her tummy started to bloat up, She went pale in the skin tone, She wouldn't walk- She said it hurt her and would just cry for someone to carry her. Her gums would bleed and bleed every time we would brush her teeth. And she was sleeping a lot. Sleeping 3-4 times a day for about 3 hours each. I thought she had a virus, so we took her to the doctors for a blood test and got the news.

Her Doctor said it so bluntly 'she has leukemia' that I laughed a little, and responded with 'are you serious'. Her doctor then started to explain that we had to take her right over to the Children's speciality hospital in Boise to meet with a Oncologist and that she had already called them and they were waiting for us. She told me that her blood was so low that it was something we couldn't wait even a day for. That was at 2:00pm on Monday Dec. 4th.

Hysterically in tears I drove her to Saint Lukes in Downtown Boise. By 4:00 we were at the hospital and by 6:00 she was having a blood transfusion (the first of many that week) And by 8:00 the next morning she was getting Chemo. Along with the Chemo she had a bone marrow test and Spinal tap.

The doctors told me to expect her hair to start falling out soon. And that her body would start to swell from the Chemo and Steroids.

This was our life now.. We spent the first week crying, And then suddenly when you realize this is your reality you turn on survival mode and you learn everything you can to make your little girl better.


Septeber 07 Taken by Aunt Brekke

A kiss from sis

A kiss from sis
Dennis and Alexia